Cash flow management

      Whether you run a privately owned company,
operate a Non Profit foundation or lead a Fortune 500 business,
two old adages ring true regardless of your organization's size...
         1) Cash Is King!
         2) Every Sale is a donation until it is collected.

      Most organizations think they do a decent job collecting money from customers. There is also a Fear Factor here; Don't upset my customers! The fact is most companies attack Cash Flow in a reactive posture.
      We takes a proactive approach, considering all options on your
Balance Sheet; working with banking partners, suppliers, distributor reps, customers & employees to drive marked improvement in your Liquidity.      

customer & employee retention

      Endless books & papers have been written on "How to Lead." Will you get people to follow you by taking a page from Bobby Knight or John Wooden?  Which coach had more championships, (better results)?
       You're the Boss. It's ultimtely your call. You determine the goal. What is your motivation? It could however be a deal breaker to work with us. 
       Are your employees considered tools?  

       Are your clients merely a means to your end? OR... 

       Are your employees valued, appreciated, listened to? 

       Do you aim to serve your clients & please them, while earning a profit?
       The Required Motivation is the Golden Rule. Lead with it. Humbly walk the talk. Your employees & customers will see you or see through you!
      PRO CXO4U not only improves companies, but the community as well!





      This might sound like a catch all topic... & it is!

Maximizing benefit thru the use of LEAN in all processes can save time, money & opportunity costs in Every aspect of the business in EVERY department.
      Nothing should be off limits. So many improvement ideas can come direct from employees! Operations improvements starts with 2 ears & 1 mouth used in proper proportion. Creativity should never be stifled, but rather evaluated across every department: Sales, Operations, H/R,  Payroll, A/P,  A/R, Credit /Collections, Warehouse, Marketing, CRM.

      Enhancing Operations will save costs, improve lead times, reduce inventory, eliminate wasted steps, reduce accidents & ultimately grow profitability & employee retention. We look at burden cost absorption, supply chain optimization, out-sourcing, consolidating, eliminating & investing in assets that yield tax credits short term & improved productivity long run! 

       It is critical to be Open-minded!

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Sales management

      Is your primary focus top line (Sales) or bottom line (Profits)?  It is almost like being left or right handed. Not many folks are ambidextrous. 
      The most common way to limit growth in a firm is focus on 1 key metric. Walls are far too common in organizations. None are greater than the Sales team Vs. every/any dept; Credit/collections, shipping, Ops, etc...
      Accountability is key!  Both individually & as a team with a clear understanding of the goals. The reward sctructure is a huge driver as well when properly built / costed. Recognition & competition are also highly reccommended.  Coffee is for Closers!
      Share of Market is hard work! Increased Share of Customer can have a quick longer lasting impact that helps improve branding & proven reciprocating loyalty when properly channeled.